Quality Hand Fed Baby Birds and Rare Mutation Quakers
Health Guarantee
                                                                               HEALTH GUARANTEE

    We guarantee the health of our birds, and the BUYER has 72 Hours after receipt of the bird(s) to have them examined by an Avian veterinarian.  If, during this 72 hour period, the birds are found to have a condition which affects their health as determined by the examining Avian veterinarian, then upon verification of this condition to WINGS AVIARY and upon return of the bird(s) by buyer to Wings Aviary, Wings Aviary agrees, to either refund the monies paid by buyer to buyer,  or to supply buyer with another bird(s) of the same species, age, sex (If DNA‘d). This guarantee does not apply to any handfeeding babies.  (Once you decide to purchase a new baby please fill out the contact form below so that we can have your information for future contact.) Thank you.
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