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   I have been asked many times about (Yellow) Lutino Quakers and the genetics of them. There are 2 types of Lutino Quakers, Sex Linked and Recessive.
Most are recessive. We breed Sex Linked LUTINO'S.  (Yellow) Quakers. Lutino are Red Eyed and Yellow are Dark eyed, and recessive only.
Take a look in the Nursery at one of our Lutino Babies

                                                                2017 BABIES ARE HERE


                            Welcome to Wings Aviary

We are located in beautiful St. Augustine Florida, we are a closed aviary. We do breed

many different  species  of birds, including Amazons, Macaws, Caiques,  Conures,  Quakers,

African Greys, Eclectus, Senegals, Red Bellied, Meyers, Blue crown conures

mutation's, rare Quakers and many many more. All of our birds are fed  a

diet of pellets with seed  along with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here at Wings Aviary every baby is well socialized and raised with love. We are a

supplier of fine birds to pet stores coast to coast and to pet lovers everywhere. All of

our breeders are checked for Chlamydia, Pacheco's, PBFD, and polyoma and

regularly checked by our Avian Veterinarian to ensure that we provide you with a healthy

disease - free baby, after all your new baby will be a part of your life for many years to


Should you have any questions about which bird is right for you and your family give us

a call as not all types of birds are right for all people.  Call or e-mail and we will help

you get the right bird for you.  E-mail:   Gonetothebirds@bellsouth.net

(904) 540-9143


                                                      Quaker Genetics Chart

Green-------------- Dominate
Pallid --------------Sex  Linked
Opaline------------Sex Linked
Lutino---------------Proven to be Sex Linked and Recessive

The only way of knowing which type of Lutino you have is by breeding. With recessive both parents must be carrying the gene to produce a visual. With Sex linked  all you need is a male to produce a visual  hen. There are a lot of recessive Lutino quakers out there but only a limited number of breeders have sex linked Lutino's. And we are proud to be one of them.
Only Males can be split to sex linked.
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